每个月大约有5000名游客穿过圣心大教堂的大门. Some come to attend Mass under Luigi Gregori's intricately painted ceilings, while others come to marvel at Ivan Meštrović's famed 圣母怜子图 sculpture or to listen to the magnificent 5,000-pipe Murdy Family organ. 还有一些人来参观圣髑礼拜堂,了解大教堂的丰富历史.

圣心大教堂有华丽的白色圆柱,中殿两侧有金色和蓝色的细节. 高高的拱形天花板上覆盖着描绘天景的精美壁画. 这幅画的中心是一座天主教圣坛,一座高大的金色神龛塔两侧各有三支蜡烛.
圣心大教堂. Matt Cashore摄.

令人惊讶的是, 许多穿过那些宏伟的双开门的人都没有注意到下面一层的小教堂. 在这里, t在这里 aren't elaborate murals on the wall or dazzling stained-glass windows, but nestled between the wooden pews, you'll find a single marble crypt with the Latin inscription:

这里躺着俄瑞斯忒斯. 布朗森, who acknowledged humbly the true faith, 过着完整的生活, 和 by writing 和 speaking courageously defended his church 和 country, 和, granted that his body may have been taken by death, the endeavors of his mind remain immortal monuments of genius.”

威廉·费伦的墓穴. 芭芭拉·约翰斯顿摄.

威廉·费伦(1793-1856), 他是电竞赌博平台的早期捐助者,也是圣十字修女会的安吉拉的继父, is also buried in the chapel directly below the nave of the Basilica. 他的地穴不易进入,因此比俄瑞斯忒斯的地穴保存得更好. 布朗森.

One of only two people buried under the Basilica, 奥瑞斯特斯·奥古斯都·布朗森既不是电竞赌博平台的学生也不是教职员工. 事实上, t在这里 is no record of him ever visiting the University. 然而,他最后安息的地方表明,他在电竞赌博平台的历史上发挥了重要作用. So how did he get such a coveted burial spot on campus?

Born in 1803 in Vermont, 布朗森 was not raised Catholic. 事实上, 在他的一生中, he studied many different religions, searching for truth 和 meaning in each. 直到1844年, after being baptized by the College of the Holy Cross's founder, 主教本笃·约瑟夫·芬威克, S.J., that 布朗森 was accepted into the Catholic Church.

Despite a modest upbringing 和 no formal education, 布朗森 was regarded as a leading intellectual of the early 19th century. A prolific writer, 布朗森 penned a staggering 2.500万字 波士顿季刊 ,后来 布朗森的季度评论, cementing his status as one of the most voluminous writers in America. Many of his early essays centered on politics 和 democracy. 然而, 在皈依天主教后, he was encouraged by Bishop Fitzpatrick of Boston to focus more on theology. 他对教育大众的奉献精神为他赢得了圣. John's College (later Fordham University) 和 Norwich University.

最终, 他的作品引起了一位雄心勃勃的年轻法国牧师的注意,这位牧师刚刚移民到美国,开办了一所天主教大学. 多年来,牧师. 爱德华·索林,C.S.C., 和 布朗森 formed a long-distance friendship. At Father Sorin's request, 布朗森 wrote several articles for the 万福玛利亚, a magazine from the Congregation of Holy Cross's 万福玛利亚 Press. One such essay on the Blessed Virgin won a contest sponsored by the 万福玛利亚. (The prize was rumored to be $200 in gold; however, 在最后一刻, Father Sorin decided to select two winners instead of one, 这让布朗森非常懊恼.)

左边是一封索林神父写给布朗森的手写信,赞扬他为《电竞赌博平台》写的第一篇文章 万福玛利亚. To the right is a scanned page from the 万福玛利亚 featuring 布朗森's prize-winning essay on the Blessed Virgin Mary. 图片经许可使用. 大学档案馆提供.

Father Sorin invited 布朗森 to teach at the University in 1862, but he was campaigning for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives 和 declined the offer. 当他竞选国会议员失败时, 布朗森接受了索林神父的邀请,尽管他“对每天从早上6点到晚上10点的服务感到震惊”,” 和 stating that his “health won't permit such action.他的信中提到了在芝加哥见面的日期,但没有记录显示他去过那里. 直到1865年,两人之间的下一次有记录的通信一直持续到1876年布朗森死于肺炎前不久,享年72岁.

Clip of New York Times article on the re-internment of 俄瑞斯忒斯布朗森
《电竞赌博平台》,1886年. 公共领域.

He was originally buried in Detroit, 密歇根, 但在1886年6月, 他被重新安葬在圣心教堂的布朗森纪念教堂, later known as the Crypt church of the 圣心大教堂.

索林神父对布朗森的评价很高,他为布朗森的第一批宿舍楼之一命名, located in the east wing of the Main Building, 布朗森大厅. It housed students aged 17 和 up, 而西翼, 卡罗尔·霍尔, 接待13至17岁的学生. 晚些时候, in 1945, both wings of the Main Building were converted to office space, 住房各部门. 电竞赌博平台 didn't have a 布朗森大厅 again until 1965, 在圣玛利亚出版社搬到道格拉斯路后,它悄悄地把这个名字给了圣玛利亚出版社的旧址.

1885年的大学主楼地图显示,左右两翼是宿舍. 它还显示了左边的建筑是圣十字修女院. 后来,这座标有印刷和邮寄的建筑将更名为布朗森大厅.
Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Sanborn Map Company, May 1885. Library of Congress, Geography 和 Map Division, Sanborn Maps Collection. 经许可使用.
布朗森大厅的照片. Ivy grows on the south-facing wall. The building is long with two rows of windows. It's visibly aged with rusted bricks 和 damaged roof tiles.
布朗森大厅 before it was demolished in 2019. Matt Cashore摄.
The upper floors of Remick Family Hall contrast a blue sky 和 white clouds. Yellow bricks of the wall are lined with a row of rectangle windows. 灰绿色的粘土瓦排列在屋顶上,可以看到另一排窗户.
Remick Family Hall st和s w在这里 布朗森大厅 used to be. Matt Cashore摄.
Yellow bricks of Sorin Hall are dotted with windows. The roof is lined with greyish-green clay tiles.
The exp和ed Sorin Hall uses bricks from the torn down 布朗森大厅. Matt Cashore摄.

2019年,这座布朗森大厅被拆除,以便建造雷米克家庭大厅. 今天, 这里是天主教教育联盟(Alliance for Catholic educational)的所在地,很适合一个曾经以一位致力于天主教教育的人的名字命名的地方. In 2022, bricks saved from the demolition were used to exp和 Sorin Hall.

俄瑞斯忒斯布朗森. 维基百科提供.

很明显,布朗森对促进美国的天主教信仰做出了显著的贡献, 问题是:为什么是他?

大教堂的旅游和接待协调员凯蒂·佩尔斯特可能有答案. 根据Pelster的说法, 索林神父的愿景是让美国天主教徒葬在大教堂里——尤其是, 学术 美国天主教徒, 这样我们就能记住他们在美国天主教会所做的工作,”她说。.

“Even if they weren't saints or anyone particularly venerated,她分享道。, “对大学来说,有天主教平信徒的榜样是很重要的.她说,目前还不清楚为什么没有更多的美国天主教电竞赌博平台被埋葬在大教堂里.

据称,布朗森曾表示希望在电竞赌博平台度过最后的日子,但在此之前就去世了. Perhaps it was his admiration of the University that led his son Henry F. 布朗森将他的全部作品——他在1882年至1887年间收集和整理的一套20卷的作品——捐赠给了电竞赌博平台档案馆, 他写道:“收集它们是一种快乐和安慰,这样它们就可以保存下来,让后代更好地欣赏它们。.”

The University's relationship with the 布朗森 family doesn't end t在这里. 亨利的儿子菲利普五世.D. 布朗森在这所大学学习,并因试图参加超过允许的课程而被短暂休学. He went on to graduate in 1888 as valedictorian of his class, receiving first honors in Greek 和 moral philosophy. A few years later, in 1892, the University awarded Henry F. 布朗森 the Laetare Medal for translating Francesco Tarducci's The Life of Christopher Columbus. 亨利的女儿约瑟芬·D. 布朗森, 1939年,她还因对天主教教育联盟的贡献而被授予莱塔雷奖章. 直到今天,亨利和约瑟芬是仅有的两位相关的Laetare奖章获得者. 1950年,该大学举办了纪念俄瑞斯忒斯150周年的研讨会. 布朗森的出生.

布朗森's prolific writings resonate through time, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of Catholicism in America. His connection with the University, forged through his relationship with the visionary Father Sorin, speaks of a mutual devotion to a higher calling. The legacies left behind are reminders that, 直到今天, 真理的寻求者和信仰的捍卫者继承了索林神父的使命,成为世界上一股持续的正义力量.

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